Project Brief

Nano-Mesh Textile Centre is created for a research Institute base Huddersfield Town for the interdisciplinary field of engineered fabrics and textile. Aligned with the Norther Powerhouse proposal to boost the economic growth in the North of England, this Research Centre is an innovative global partnership between textile industry, government and Huddersfield academe.  It will be operating on a “Cutting Edge Innovation Technology” Platform, the Nano-Mesh Textile Centre will be engaging in a wide range of future textile developments from medicine and construction to computing and biology, especially in a smart wearable fabric.

Nano-Mesh Textile Centre will involve experts from textile industry and higher education in building future self-sustainable smart material such as Triboelectric Nanogenerator Fabric and nonwoven applications while also providing educational training to the filed next generation leaders. This Institute will be dedicated to collaborating between Textile and Architecture industry that will be embedded in the architectural design approach in team of building form and material and operation. Nano-Mesh Textile Centre also housed extensive state of the art facilities from fiber formation to fabric formation, nano coating and lamination, and will be the example of the innovative used of textile in its construction.

“This Textiles Research Institute will be the global leader in Textile Research, Education, and beyond for the Technical Textiles Industry”


United Kingdom


Collaboration between University of Huddersfield, Kirklees Council, Government and Industry Partners and Individual private donations.


Huddersfield-Gasworks Site


Professor Parik Goswami (Client)



Client Advisors

Nic Clear and Hyun Jun Park

Site Location

Site History

Precedent Studies

Design Concept

With Huddersfield heritage as a major centre for Textile and Chemical Industrial during the First Industrial Revolution. The Technical Textiles Research Centre at the University of Huddersfield aims to re-establish the town and region as a world leader in textiles by harnessing the newest technology and manufacturing techniques.

Derives from Fabric-Formed and its Nature, this textile centre shaped by the ripples form of fabric throughout the building envelope, creating a unique shape with breathable skin facade. This design movement create a bold statement for its textile centre and its cultural identity as Huddersfield is known for its textile’s legacy.

Programme Detail

Site Approach Strategy

Building Form Development

Design Proposal

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